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Lifestyle Family Session - Raleigh NC

It's official - I am completely in love with capturing everyday moments with families inside their homes.   At-home, or "Lifestyle" family sessions are a great option when you want to document what your life is like right now.  The wonderful and happy chaos that makes up your days (and nights!) is, if we believe it or not, a short lived period that needs, and begs, to be captured.  Whether it's as simple as sitting around the table eating cereal, making a meal together, playing with Legos, tickle fights on the bed... however mundane these things may seem, these are the memories that you will cherish when your house is quiet and your floors are clean and clear of colorful clutter, and your children aren't children anymore.

I traveled to Charlotte to spend a wonderful afternoon with the Jones family, and we had The.Best.Time.  One of my favorite aspects of a lifestyle family session is how relaxed and at ease everyone is.  It takes so much pressure off families to be in their own space, and just doing whatever it is they do to have fun or be together.  That's exactly what I loved about this particular session; just how relaxed and easy it was.  We simply meandered around the house while the girls played, read, jumped, and snuggled with each other.  I just followed them around and caught it all on camera. Sounds easy, right?  It was!

I seriously need some more in-home lifestyle family sessions in my life.  Email me at or contact me here and lets make it happen!

Here are some favorites from my time with the Jones girls.


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