lifestyle newborn


What is a "lifestyle" newborn session, anyway?

Oh hey!  Glad you asked.  Lifestyle newborn sessions are incredible simple and organic. Taking place inside your home, they involve no intricate baby posing or props, and utilize natural light when feasible. I sometimes will bring in artificial light when there isn’t enough natural available light in a particular part of your home, however the end result will look as if only natural light was used. These sessions are meant to be focused on the connection between you and your baby, and simply capturing this incredibly special and fleeting time in your life.

What's a typical session like?

Basically, I come to your home, find the most beautiful light to shoot in, and then take pictures of you holding your sweet baby.  I tend to stay in the nursery, your bedroom and sometimes the living room, but I'll also look around for unexpected spots with beautiful light to photograph in.  I always take a few photos of the baby in it's crib or swaddled on a bed, but in my opinion, the best place for your baby to be photographed is in your arms.  Sessions typically last 1-2 hours and are scheduled to take place in the morning hours.

How long after the baby is born does the session take place?

It varies.  The lifestyle approach lends itself to more flexibility in terms of timing, mainly because we aren't doing any intricate posing with your baby, and therefore babies needn't be asleep for the entire session.  In fact, some of my favorite images I've taken are of newborns staring into the eyes of their parents.  So what does all that mean?  Basically it means we don't have to rush to schedule the session right after you get home from the hospital if you aren't ready.  I tell my clients to "Take 3 days, or take 3 weeks.  I'll come whenever you are settled in at home and ready for me."

"But Jamie, my house isn't camera ready!"

I get that!  My house isn't either.  The good news is you don't have to own a home that looks like it's out of magazine to make beautiful images in it.  Do you have windows?  Good!  Then we can make magic happen together. 

From the moment she walked into our house, I knew I had found the perfect photographer for our daughter’s newborn photos. She’s so patient and so very talented... When the link to the photos arrived in my inbox, I was in awe of her talent...
— Adriane